Accelerating Life Sciences

It is our mission to maximize the full potential of our companies to ultimately improve patient treatment. Professionalization, broadening of horizons, expansion of networks and experience are key in this. By joining forces and onboard crucial knowledge we are collaboratively accelerating life sciences. 

Who are we collaborating with? And how do we do this?

We operate for Dutch family offices. Businesses or ideas with a social impact and a strong potential to be successful by building sustainable business are selected. We provide services  by onboarding skills in the field of business, intellectual property, finance and marketing and communication. We also leverage knowledge, strengths and hands-on strategic and operational management. With a lean and mean team of specialists, combined with our passion, experience, trust and high-performance culture we will make the difference. 

Get in touch with us in case you are interested in learning more about Dulisco. We’re happy to meet to discuss how we’re accelerating Life Sciences.


We are collaboratively accelerating life sciences with our members