Webinar Peptide Discovery: the power of CLIPS™

Therapeutic peptides are becoming increasingly important within the pharma industry and currently represent a market value of 28 billion USD with an annual growth rate of at least 10% over the next five years.

Pepscan has developed a unique technology to discover new highly constrained peptides with enhanced affinity, selectivity and proteolytic stability suited for diagnostic and therapeutic applications. Phage display is a technology that allows for the de novo discovery of peptides against any target of interest by exploring DNA-encoded peptide libraries. It is a very powerful technology since it allows one to screen libraries of billions of different peptides in less than four weeks.

Recently, we launched the recording of our webinar featuring Pepscan experts Prof. Peter Timmerman and Dr. Michael Goldflam sharing their expertise on de novo discovery of the best peptide binders for your target protein of interest.

Watch this webinar (~ 45 minutes)