Clinical benefit from immune checkpoint inhibition in advanced melanoma and NSCLC can be predicted by tyrosine kinase activity profiling

Blood-based biomarker test has the potential to decrease the number of both over- and undertreated patients improving overall response rate, reduce unnecessary side effects and help saving costs.

PamGene, a biotech and services company focused on the development and commercialization of multiple novel biomarker panels for patient stratification in immuno-oncology, presented positive interim-results of its current multi-cohort study at ESMO. The study’s objective is to validate the predictive value of PamGene’s diagnostic blood test, the IOpener™, intended for rapid prediction of the likelihood of a patient’s response to immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICI) therapy by tyrosine kinase activity profiling. Based on these very promising results validation studies in combination with existing biomarkers are currently taking place.

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